About The Owner


Hey there! We are the owners of Lil' Sugar Children's Boutique. I (Ashley Fortune) am on the right, & my lovely wife Crystal Fortune is on the left. I'm sure you're wondering who that little chunk of love we're holding is, that is the official Lil' Sugar. She was our first ever foster placement, we were blessed enough to have her in our lives from 3/22/19 to 8/16/19 until she was placed with her forever family including her 8 siblings! I never imagined one day I'd open a Children's Boutique, however when the idea initially came about I "took the bull by the horn" & ran with it. I knew how much I loved dressing our girl in the cutest & trendy clothes, & wanted to help other mommas do the same without "breaking the bank"! 

Here we are about 8 months later, we have grown tremendously. Over the last 8 months we've transitioned into a store front, launched our website, & built amazing friendships with some pretty amazing customers. 

I am so thankful for Crystal, she is the most amazing/supportive wife out there. If it weren't for her & our close friends/family Lil' Sugar would not be possible.

Thank you so much for stopping by our page!